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The team at Eckhart Law Firm has a wide array of knowledge in the law. Our experienced and knowledgeable team understands how stressful a legal matter can become, and we are with you from start to finish to make you feel comfortable and like a part of our family. Our office features a very relaxed atmosphere, and Brandon's fresh approach will help you see your legal issues in a new light.

Civil Litigation Assistance You Can Count On

When it comes to civil law there are so many intricacies, and it can be difficult to maintain your rights if you aren't well-versed in the law. Whether you've had a dispute with a family member or need skilled legal advice to help you make an important decision, we're with you every step of the way. We can even offer you the ongoing help you need, so you'll know that a skilled attorney familiar with your circumstances is always just a phone call away. Other areas in which we can offer assistance include:

Family law

Maintaining Your Rights

Civil Litigation cover a wide variety of cases and circumstances. Whether you're facing a serious breach of contract or just struggling with a minor dispute with a neighbor, our staff is here to offer the professional legal advice necessary to ensure your rights are protected.